Durty Events

Durty Events approached me as they wanted a more modern and easy to navigate website and the ability to take their own online event entries across their portfolio of events.

The design of the site was for ease of navigation across different events and clear call to action for entry. DE wanted to keep entries on site rather than using an external provider such as Eventbrite or Resultsbase. Creating this system was a fantastic collaborative experience with both Durty Events and myself to really dig into the capabilities of the system and its requirements for a whole array of situations and event possibilities.

From limiting entry numbers within set time waves, to automatic discounts based on age or governing bodies member status. The system can also specify age limits and automatically place users into age race categories making less work when extracting all the entry data for race day!

The system also needed to allow users to have the option to create an account and view/edit their own entries.

We used a combination of Gravity Forms with custom functions and Woocommerce to manage the payments and account status.

It was also important to keep the fun & friendly side of Durty Events in the design across the site.




Date: September 1, 2021
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