Tickhill Barn Dried Logs

Tickhill Barn Dried Logs approached me as they needed a new site and a way to take online orders.

We built the site using WordPress and Woocomerce using a custom design that was easy to navigate and a clear call to action to order logs. The order process needed to offer a discount if ordered in bulk and orders could only be placed within a certain geographical area (radius) from the company.

Using the Google Maps API we were able to build in a way to check the users postcode against the company postcode and only allow completion of the order if they were within a certain range. This also had to be adapted depending on the quantity ordered.

SEO was also a crucial part of this build, making sure suitable keywords and locations were used throughout to achieve a strong presence on google.


Client: Tickhill Barn Dried Logs
Date: September 29, 2019
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